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    תאונות עבודות Wills and Inheritance
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    Inheritance (by Law or by Will)

    A Will is one of the most important documents an individual will ever create in his or her lifetime. Its main purpose is to create a contract, a one-party transaction that outlines the testator’s own will. The testator, at own discretion,may leave his or her property to anyone, distribute it in any way among the lawful heirs, and exclude anyone from the will without providing reason or explanation.

    The Supreme Court of Israel has rightfully stated as follows: “The Inheritance Act provides freedom of disposition by will and protects the testator’s right to prefer one heir over another depriving the latter of his or her “inheritance rights.” Therefore, legal (and rather sound) groundsare required to render a will invalid.
    While interpreting a will, the court examines the literal meaning of words and expressions contained therein, hence the wording of the will must be accurate, distinct, clear, and unambiguous. The will must specify all details and aspects of the testator’s assets.

    Unclear or inaccurate phrase or wording may at best cause the legal heirs many inconveniences or hard-to-solve problems. Our attorneys will help you draft your will properly. In addition, we represent lawful heirs in courts of law and assist in executing the intestate succession procedure (when a will does not exist).

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