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    משפט עסקי Commercial Litigation, Torts and Insurance
    דיני עבודה Labor and Employment Law
    משרד הפנים Ministry of the Interior and Immigration Law
    תאונות עבודות Wills and Inheritance
    דיני משפחה Family Law

    Ministry of Interior, Citizenship and Administrative Code

    An individual is entitled to file a petition with a special Administrative Court appealing against a government agency’s decision. The administrative jurisdiction is designed to exercise control over government agencies. The Israeli Administrative Code allows appealing government agencies’ decisions in court, for example:

    • Ministry of Interior (MOI) – in the event of denial of passport, visa, permanent residency, petitions for citizenship, cancellation of deportation, family reunification etc.
    • Municipal and government agencies

    Agencies overseeing the following areas:

    • Registration of Businesses
    • Execution of Government Tenders
    • Registration and Control over Non-Profit Organizations
    • Licensing of Organizations and Accreditation of Specialists (physicians, engineers, psychologists, attorneys, realtors etc.)
    • Appealing Outcomes of Government Tenders (wrongfully denied applications, violation of tender procedures, abuse of power etc.)

    Our attorneys regularly represent clients in the Administrative Courts and know all the intricacies of the Administrative Code and Procedure.

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